I guide adventure seeking health focused athletes with Constipation & Bloating from feeling frustrated & confused to in control of their HEALTH

”  Getting you access to the right lab tests to find what’s going on & teaching you skills to naturally regain control of your health to THRIVE in todays modern world. 

My Story

Lets work to get you

back enjoying all those crazy adventures !

My name is Henry Mena and Building Health is what I love to help others achieve. I’ve always been active played all sports and because of this was always disciplined with what foods I ate. Having a mother who sometimes pushed the levels of experimenting with foods. As a kid she would make hot chocolate with a bull testicle because of the health benefits it provides. My big brother had other ideas for that hot chocolate and flushing it down the toilet was where it went.

Learn the PROCESS


This is the step by step NATURAL HEALTH BUILDING program Focusing on the foundations. 



Using an incredible nutritional technology called METABOLIC TYPING we determine what foods are best for your genetic type & we Combine a food sensitive test to identify which foods to eliminate. Achieve ideal weight, energy levels, feel satisfied after meals and avoid cravings. We are all unique Lets create clarity around what you eat!!!!



Sleep is a foundation for good heath. ITs the time when your body goes through repair. We work towards improving quality of sleep by creating a sleep routine and schedule which works for you.



At the right time in the process we introduce  the proper balance of movement into your life to stimulate circulation, increase oxygenation, improve flexibility, mood and detoxification. 1


STRESS Reduction

Remember stress is both internal and external physical, mental/emotional/ spiritual. Through our lab tests we can identify and then eliminate HIDDEN  (Hormonal, Immune Digestion, Detoxification, Energy Production, Nervous System) stressors.



Targeted supplementation titrated specific to each individual used to address any nutritional requirements.  

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