Why I finally started My Blog

Whats up guys ! My name is Henry Mena and I  would love to welcome you guys to my New blog.

In Xian, China 在西安
In Xian, China 在西安


Initially I knew no one who had a blog. I thought it was a waste of time. The thing is, I didn’t realize the value it holds until I casually clicked on an Instagram post and saw how one man was able to change his circumstance. By changing his situation, he was able to inspire others to see a different path. His passion allowed him to develop engaging content which people enjoyed, learned from it, inspired them allowing them to also transform their lives. It all began with a simple blog. A BLOG……….. Yes a BLOG

I thought to myself if this man is able to do this. Contribute to transformation by using this tool then I must do this. By the way I do believe it takes courage to create a blog. To share your ideas for anyone to see.

I want My blog to reshape how people visualize AGING to be. What I mean is enhancing your mental cognition as you age, rather than seeing it diminish it becomes sharper. Your physical performance improves, muscle mass increases. You develop deep meaningful relationships by releasing yourself from the EGO so your able to enjoy your life more. Living a longer more meaningful life full of joy, gratitude and energy.


The journey I will be going through is to unlock my own performance by doing what is challenging for example I just moved from New Jersey to California. Before that I was living in Birmingham England. Understanding the mental state, one must have to adapt to a new environment because these two places are quite different Sunny Warm and Dry to Cloudy Rainy and Cold even though we speak the same language there exist incredible Cultural differences.

This blog will be relating to the topics I’m passionate to dissect and submerge myself in to understanding these are longevity, stem cells, human microbiome, functional medicine, medication, hypnosis, energy healing, mindfulness, regenerative farming, mental states and sleep.

Plus doing my best to provide my content  in multiple languages and videos because I want to connect with you guys. You are here because you know humans are capable to doing incredible things and been able to  understand how to access that at any moment or for a life time is an incredible super power to have.


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