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Launched in 2019 as a community for unique individuals that seek to unlock and access higher levels of mental and physical performance; translating to longer more fulfilled lives.

If you love the idea of having more physical energy and mental focus to learn, exercise, create deeper more meaningful relationships, and contribute larger to your personal mission in life. Then this is the place where you will learn how to unlock high performance.

Personal Bio

Hi, I’m Henry Mena.

After living in China for 5 years and across Europe and England for 2 years.  I began to feel my MENTAL and PHYSICAL performance diminish.  The struggle to recollect information from reading a book or the lack of energy during exercise was a frustrating time. The brain fog and exhaustion were turning me into someone with low levels of patients who constantly felt I needed to just work harder to get through. As an engineer and avid athlete, this triggered the need to find answers. Seeking help from doctors who only provided prescription medication which caused me negative side-effects. Feeling alone I began doing my own extensive research and experimenting. This is where I discovered new ways to interact with my body that saved me time in recovery, increased my energy, and allowed me to open up and create deeper connections with those around me. 

The idea of creating an online platform to share what has helped transform my life began in the winter of 2019 while I was in England. I was introduced to a global community of optimistic and experienced individuals who empowered me to look beyond the traditional lifestyle.  Having zero experience creating a website they trained me and are still there to give me advice and guidance on how to improve.  My mentor’s name is Stewart Ross and I’m fortunate to be part of this community called the SFM.

No matter where you are in your life. I believe we can all ascend to a higher level of health, energy, joy, and success.

Your busy I know, but maybe I’ve triggered your curiosity and you are truly committed to improving your life right now. I also know there is a bit of risk that your interest won’t translate to immediate action.

To Discover more Go to the Contact link and Send me a message saying “Hello” and share your story with me.

High performance can be yours!!!!!